RE: MEMES: Pigeon-holing your opponent

From: denis bider (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 12:53:26 MST

Barbara Lamar writes:

> When you must disagree with someone, he says, preface your
> statement with: "Nine times outta ten I'd agree with you.
> And, really, I agree with you now. But there's just one
> thing..." My friends and I used it among ourselves,
> and it worked very well. We'd end up laughing at the preface,
> and the laughter would forestall any hard feelings about the
> disagreement.

This is a good idea. There is a slight problem though - such introductions
have to be meant, and they have to be written individually, otherwise people
realize that they're not meant seriously. That may result in even worse

[I read several books similar to the one that you mention myself, and I
couldn't really get rid of the feeling that it's all too superficial, with
little real content or true insight underneath.]

I think Samantha's idea was very good - I really like the mantra she
supplied. I think I need to use that a lot. :-)

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