Re: laboratory "black holes"

From: Ken Clements (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 09:25:31 MST

Chris Russo wrote:

> At 09:52 +0100 1/25/01, scerir wrote:
> >But now physicists believe they may be able to bridge
> >the gap by studying tiny 'black holes' created in the laboratory.
> Given the enormous probability of other life in the universe, I've
> often wondered if the reason that we've never encountered them is
> because there are certain technologies and experiments along the path
> to knowledge that inevitably end up destroying your planet.
> Solar system eating black holes could be just that experiment.
> Just a thought, :)
> Chris Russo

Chris, pick up a copy of _Earth_ by Daivd Brin. I think you will like
what he did with a close varient of this idea.


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