SOC/BIO Re: George will joins the Bioluddites

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 07:51:29 MST

From: "John Clark" <>

>>Brian D Williams <> Wrote:

>>Obviously I think raising and harvesting
>>engineered disencephalatic clones is going to be a slightly more
>>difficult proposition than planting weed seeds in dirt.

>Why would hiding a few pounds worth of synthetic organs be more
>difficult than hiding thousands of tons of marijuana?

Organs go bad very quickly, like 72 hours tops. And this is not
about how valuable these organs would be, the question is where
would they come from?

>Why would the demand for synthetic organs be less than the demand
>for marijuana?

I would think the demand for these organs would be high.

>Why would the profits from the illicit organ trade be less than
>that of the illicit drug trade?

I believe the profits would be exceptional.

>Why would you find few people willing to engage in such a risky
>but enormously profitable enterprise when many thousand take
>similar risks in the drug trade?

Because a bunch of illiterates hanging out in the jungle, or
trailer parks in backwater U.S can be in the drug trade.

We're not talking about a bunch of people standing around a vat
with plant leaves and household chemicals here. You are talking
about bioengineering on a scale that does not even exist today.
We're talking multiple Phd's here, in a very impressive/expensive

What nation would permit this?

Other than William Gibson's "Chiba City".


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