SOC/BIO Re: George Will joins the Bioluddites

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 13:49:06 MST


>>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> Okay, I'll play. Obviously I think raising and harvesting
>> engineered disencephalatic clones is going to be a slightly more

>Microcephalic, not anencephalic. Actually, you could just knock
>out a single gene, producing severe debility, and raise the result
>in a sterile pig pen. Male, female: autoamplify. Dirty Tleilaxu

I thought dis since you would be inhibiting the development, but I
understand the micro too. <shudder>

>> difficult proposition than planting weed seeds in dirt.

>You don't have to even operate a clandestine animal research
>facility (little problem with that), you could just raise the
>poor thing in a family setting.

One of the saddest things I ever saw was an ethnography film about
a little girl that had been raised in a cage in a cold dark
basement by uncaring parents. Then she had the misfortune to be
raised in the household of a psychologist called in when she was
discovered (for "study").

After the grant money for his hands-off study ran out she ended up
in a series of foster homes where she suffered other indignities.
I will never forget her face as the barely literate adolescent
tried to describe the things that happened to her.

My fists clench and unclench at the thought, and I feel rage wash
through me when I think about it. The parents would face worse at
my hands, and that psychologist would be in for major attitude
adjusting as well.

Time to meditate...


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