Re: ECON/BIO: Exceptional Returns: The Exceptional Value of America's Investment in Medical Research

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Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 12:55:08 MST

From: "Max More" <>
> The findings of these leading economists challenge us to think about an
> entirely new way to value medical research and help us to understand the
> enormous contribution of medical research to the American standard of
> living (Full report available in Adobe PDF format, 642 KB -- see press
> release for summary in HTML).
> You will need Adobe Acrobat reader software in order to view this PDF
> format document.
<<Increases in life expectancy between 1970 and 1990 worth $57 trillion to
Americans, say leading economists>>

(I wish they would make this available as MS Word, or put the whole thing
in HTML. Oh, well.)

The value of medical research (driven by capitalist incentive, naturally),
surpasses dollar estimates, IMO. Due to the ability of medicine to keep
the public healthy, the nation, the economy, and the American dream
continue to prosper, while socialist regimes (like the former USSR)
collapse. As FDR noted, "We cannot be a strong nation unless we are a
healthy nation."

Have you hugged a medical researcher lately? τΏτ

Stay hungry,

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