Re: Vegetarianism? Re: CODE: Programming project required

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 02:10:19 MST

Admittedly humans have serious reasoning and communications limitations
but can that excuse such rampant metaphorical and analogical abuse? By
the flawed analogy, I prefer to eat actually nourishing food but will
eat junk food if nothing else is available or I am lazy. I forego
poison entirely as much as is possible in a world where one
occassionally has to wade across a poisoned swamp to get to some
nourishment. And I try to point out poisons so others can avoid it and
perhaps help to clean it up.

- samantha

Emlyn wrote:
> Has anyone noticed the similarity to vegetarianism in all this?
> The ms-flunkies (including me, apparently) are the meat eaters, junk food
> eaters, impure and proud.
> The anti-ms camp are the vegetarians; and I've noticed from this very fun
> rumble that, just like vegetarians, there is no unity in that camp.
> We've got people who'll dabble in MS products, but prefer the good stuff
> when they can get it (I'm a vegetarian, because I only eat fish).
> There are those who use anything as long as it's on Unix, and that's that
> (straight out vegos).
> And the most rabid camp, who wont learn proprietary languages, wont have
> ought to do with proprietary products, apparently, which rules out all of
> windows, much of unix, and most of anything else. Rabid open-source fanatics
> amongst them (You guessed it; the vegans).
> I bet there are more categories; anyone?
> Emlyn

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