Re: Disquieting transhumanism: quotes from Moravec

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Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 01:06:19 MST

From: "Jim Fehlinger" <>
> those whose serotonin levels are pitched to a lower key, the
> thought of being "absorbed" must be at least a disquieting as
> the prospect of taking a new job with a really nasty
> consulting company :->

I should think that lower levels of serotonin would do little to enlighten
one concerning what to expect in terms of nastiness from job absorption
(or absorbing jobs). The cause/effect relationship of serotonin levels to
the degree one feels absorbed in one's job have not, AFAIK, been

> Oh yes, and Moravec also adds (in the section "Coddling Earth"
> on p. 154): "The genteel earthling lifestyle cannot last
> forever. Sooner or later something in the exponentially
> developing Ex ecology will come back to bite."

The sooner the better, because the genteel earthling lifestyle has put too
many to sleep too long.

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