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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 20:00:57 MST

"Emlyn" <> wrote,
> > "Emlyn" <> wrote,
> > > Harvey wrote:
> > > The way to win in the market should be to build a better product,
> > >not sabotage a competitor's product. [....]
> >
> > >"Should" in the market? Hmm... [....]
> >
> > Yes, "should" in the market! [....]
>OK, so you are talking about ideals over pragmatism/reality. Fair
>enough. [....]

I didn't intend to be, but I think you are right. I *was* arguing
for an ideal of competition that my never really exist in the free
market. It may be that the ideal concept of a free market will never
really exist. Maybe legal battles, exclusionary deals, sabotage,
dirty tricks and industrial espionage will always be the norm. I
would never choose such a pessimistic attitude for my business model.
But more important than my desire would be choosing an accurate
reflection of reality and building a business model to compete in the
real world.

What do other entrepreneurs think? Is fair competition a nice, but
improbable ideal? Should a business model include cut-throat
quasi-legal activities just to stay competitive?

I will have to consider this position in much more detail.

Harvey Newstrom <>

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