Re: Programming project required (drifting away from Extropianism)

From: Emlyn (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 19:39:06 MST

Terry wrote:
> Samantha,
> I'm not really sure what world you're living in. Apparently you feel that
> it is impossible to program anything useful in Visual Basic or even any
> other Microsoft tool. I was personally involved in a VB project that
> enabled Carolina Power and Light's bulk power marketing team the ability
> sell and buy excess power thus adding millions of dollars to the company's
> bottom line. This was a 24/7 application that was written entirely in
> Visual Basic 5 using an Oracle back end. Stupid me, I didn't know
> about stored procedures back then, but dang it if the thing didn't work
> fine in spite of my lack of Oracality.

Don't get confused about Samantha, Terry; she would never write PL/SQL!
Vegan, not vegetarian.


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