OT: Human Rights vs. Molecular Scale Supercomputer Rights

From: my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 17:28:10 MST


Many religions have sexual taboos that prevent people from openly discussing
matters of a sexual nature.

Back in the days after the Manhattan Project, they were beginning to harness
the power of the atom.

In the early 50's, much thought was going into the creation of robots and

When I was 8 years old, I was sodomized by a neighbor. A teenager named
Michael O'Brien who lived a few houses down the street. He held his hand
over my mouth while I screamed in pain, and barely a sound came out. He
agreed to take his hand off my mouth only when I "nodded" that I would keep
it a secret for the rest of my life. Otherwise, he would "kill me," he

I forgot about the incident until my mid-twenties.

When I went through puberty, I had the irresistible urge to have intercourse
with anything I could get my hands on.

My dad had taught me how to cut a hole in the top of a Sunkist orange to
squeeze the juice out.

One day, when I was 17, I was watching a VHS porno tape and got so excited I
couldn't stand it. I looked around and thought about anything with a hole.
I thought about children, animals, things I could make, pot roasts,
anything. I looked beneath the upward turned tail of our 125 pound Alaskan
Malamute and gave it serious thought. Too dirty, I concluded, and it might
hurt the dog.

I went into the kitchen and got a Sunkist orange and cut a hole in it. Then
I put it in the microwave long enough to warm it up to flesh temperature,
maybe a little warmer but not too hot. I took off my clothes in went into
the shower and masturbated with the orange, using Flex brand conditioner as
a lubricant. That was my first orgasm.

I wonder if my neighbor had known about the orange whether or not he would
have raped me (and my brother)?

The small acrylic lamp globe I play with has a diameter of about 14". There
are smaller globes with the diameter of 7". What if these were to be filled
with silicone, and a small hole placed in the middle, and given to teenagers
like my neighbor so he could make it through the insanity of puberty without
permanently damaging the kids his mother baby-sits?


The product exists, but costs about $70. A lot of profit, I suppose.

A scientist with the means might just choose to clone a beautiful model and
grow her into a perfect concubine (see Sharky's Machine
http://us.imdb.com/Title?0083064 ). An expert in brains and neuroanatomy
might find away to completely eliminate the sensory systems of this human
doll, and give it only a motor system controlled by a nanocomputer or
quantum computer.

A very sophisticated dildo, with flesh and bone.

Such creatures would have the consciousness of a piece of steak. However,
the computers controlling them could make them behave "as if" they were
responding to stimulate. You could tell it a joke, the supercomputer with
animate the puppet with all the perfect emotional reactions, laughter,
smiles, glances, shifting of body posture. It would be indistinguishable
from the outside to something with real feelings, provided the puppetry
software and hardware was sufficiently sophisticated.

I've thought about it. Could I tell the difference? Could it be programmed
to provide perfect feedback? The be "ready when you are" so to speak.
Lubricated when necessary, like a doll that wets itself when you push a

Personally, I'd prefer something with "real consciousness" and "real
emotions". But could it still be programmable to a certain degree? What if
an automated scripting system was capable of generating a set of
contingencies, possible courses of action and behavior, far beyond what any
human could imagine. A script with a billion different outcomes and

The android could use a real human limbic system (reptile brain) to
experience emotions, and those emotions could be interfaced to do the
"choosing" between options in the set of possible scripts. To a degree, the
being would have "free will", although it would really be "choosing" between
millions or billions of precomputed behavioral trajectories.

What if I had a nanocomputer in my brain? What if my limbic system is real.
I feel the same feelings as any other person. But my thoughts are generated
by a supercomputer scripting system? Am I a human? Am I a machine? Do I
have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?" Am I
exercising "free will" when choosing between my precomputed alternatives?

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