Re: GUNS: Re: Self Defense

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 12:17:16 MST

Robert Coyote wrote:
> Steve is correct here, its not L v. R its Individualist v. Facsist
> dont forget that Hitler was a rightwinger

Hitler was NOT a rightwinger. Hitler was the proponent of, and his right
hand man Speer was the architect of plans for a transeuropean nation
they expected to form following the war they called 'Great Germania'
which would involve nationalization of all industries, socialised health
care, education, total gun control, state control of human breeding,
religious worship, and the press.

The only way one could consider Hitler a right winger is if you regard
all forms of government control to be right wing policies, while
considering all forms of individual liberty to be left wing policies.
History has shown that this is really not the case, rather, it is
generally the reverse of what history tells us, a typical leftist
revisionism and disinformation propaganda tactic.

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