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From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 08:29:53 MST

Barbara Lamar <> wrote:
> I can see why it's useful to know what the code means so you can change it
> if you want to, but I can't see the point of tediously typing in each <br>
> and <p> and <A HREF =...>.

This is why I recommend a good HTML editor, like Homesite, that supplies
hotkeys/snippets/templates etc so you never really have to type HTML. I
dont use Dreamweaver myself but understand it's one of the few GUI based
HTML editors that produces relatively clean HTML.

> I wonder if my pages have the Frontpage look [...]

No, it doesn't have the 'Frontpage look'. It does have the newbie look,
and also looks dramtically different in Netscape vs IE.

Most of my HTML work is in creating pages based on designs given as
Photoshop files. Frontpage is sort of a designer and layout package in
one. You might consider using Photoshop to get the exact look you want,
then implementing it in something like Homesite.

Btw, if you're gonna link to specific titles, you might
consider joining their affilitate program and make a few bucks.


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