PACKAGE in the MAIL: Is it SAFE?

From: my inner geek (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 05:35:15 MST


I sent the Extropy Institute a hard copy of a letter I sent to 24-Hour

Basically it's a little staged publicity stunt gimmick to get a
"fodder-for-discussion" story going about when an "order" from a police
officer is a "lawful order."

Basically, the Nazi's claimed they were just "following orders" when they
killed the Jews.

Is it always necessary to do what a police officers says without questioning
his authority?

If an officer decides he wants to arrest you, do you have the option of
peacefully refusing, or insisting not to be handcuffed?

What if you're outside of a movie theater smoking a joint, and they come up
and tell you you're under arrest and ask you to put your hands behind your
back? Is that a "LAWFUL" order?

My first home was:

    111 Mizar Place
    Lompoc, CA 93436
    (805) 733-1493

My father still lives there.

You'll see that the street next to it is called "Alcor." This is an
interesting coincidence, since I still wear an Alcor medic alert. Although
I must confess (forgive the Catholic memesets), I have been unable to pay my
financial dues.

Maybe someone out there would pay for my suspension fees as an act of
charity. I'm sure there are things I can do to help them in a sort of
win/win. I'm pretty close to a Libertarian, and not to attached to this or

Now is a good time to begin pushing the limits. The network is in place.
The Libertarians are now equipped with the tools required to conduct free
trade and free speech (the internet). Let's push some limits and see if we
can get a little tolerance meme virus to spread a little.

It also contains a CD of some of the files on my website, and MPEG2 version
of my first Adobe Premiere project. It's an amateur effort, but at least
its broadcast quality. Also included a Digital Video Cassette and some
rolling papers and "Big Red" chewing gum just for "shitz and grins" (kicks).

Please at least watch the 14 minute video and pick it apart if you want to.
It's your property, yours to keep or copy or destroy.


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