EMOTIONS: Search Engines, Skeletons, No Regrets

From: my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 01:30:21 MST

To All of The Above:

I'm plagued by my record. I look myself on Search engines and find my past e-mail messages full of ranting and raving.

In any case, I was discussing my Uncle Mark Howard Riegel on the Extropian mailing list on the night before he died. I was complaining about health care and poverty and financial scarcity.

I made threatening comments about cannibalizing Bill Gates and his family.

I'm sorry for that. But, finally, I have gotten my Uncle Mark's album, Live in Lompoc, on the net.

You'll need a 128K or faster net connection to listen to it.

It's MP3 format. You should have WinAmp or an MP3 player installed.

Thanks for your tolerance of all my diverse moods and personalities.

I still would like to go to "Marlene's Market and Deli" and ask politely and quietly for "a joint" then go home and smoke it while doing graphics artwork on my home computer.

Thank you.


Does anyone out there have a joint they could mail me? Please. I just want to relax.

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