Re: "the most they can do is punch you in the face"

From: Emlyn (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 18:12:36 MST

Well, my eyesight is absolutely dodgy at the moment. I think the weapons
playing field should be equalised for eyesight; why should someone with a
gun and good eyes be able to kick my butt.

That's why I've got a backpack full of dynamite.

(that's humour, by the way; don't send the swat team...)
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> To live in a world that "the most they can do is punch you in the face?"
> You would have to live in a world of toothless quadriplegics on a flat
> featureless plain.
> There are 300 lb monsters that if they punched you in the face.. let alone
> kicked or strangled you.. would revoke your right to any opinions
> immediately.
> Ever since the big cave man threatened to crush the skull of the little
> man, and the little cave man picked up a rock in defense, some other
> cave men whined that rocks should be banished because some cave man might
> bash them with it.
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