Re: GUNS:RE: Self Defense

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 18:22:05 MST

denis bider wrote:
> > > Although don't have big cities like New York, Washington,
> > > or Chicago, and we certainly aren't the wild, wild west,
> > > it does seem that guns are a daily part of life around here.
> >
> > This is pretty anecdotal.
> Discussion:
> Harvey (Martians will kill us all)
> vs.
> Samantha (Martians are our friends)
> Harvey: "Martians landed on my house yesterday. They killed my two sons with
> a laser gun. They raped my 8 year old daughter and my pregnant wife, then
> strangled my daughter and disemboweled my wife. They chopped off my right
> arm, but I managed to get away by hitting one of them in the head with a
> stick and hiding in the bush under the mud for 12 hours."
> Samantha: "This is pretty anecdotal."

She's right. Harvey was having a bad day, and only that particular
Harvey. It says nothing about other Harveys in Florida. Maybe Martians
landed in the yards of every Harvey, and they only raped and
disemboweled this particular Harveys wife and daughter because his hand
motions were interpreted as saying,"Here on earth, a proper alien guest
rapes and disembowels the wife and daughter of his host, or he dishonors
his host."

You gotta watch the fine print.

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