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Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 11:51:14 MST writes:

> <<. An economist I know simply
> laughed at Hans Moravec's ideas of taxation of AI corporations to
> sustain humans in a wealthy state, for example. We need to see more
> collaboration across the disciplines here.>>
> Because an idea is laughed at, is, of course, no reason to not
> examine its validity. Economists who live in glass houses shouldn't
> throw theories.

Of course not. But my economist friend also gave some reasons for his
laughter, which appeared to be sound.

> By the by, there apparently is a new org that is
> interested in cross-fertilization of science concepts and knowledge,
> that I will look up for you (as in send you their website).

Thanks! Overall, we need to break down the bulkheads between different
sciences, although not without also understanding the very real
differences in method or even epistemology that separates us.

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