Re: SOC/BIO: George Will joins the bioluddites

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 19:03:13 MST

>George Will
>January 21, 2001

>Hubris and narcissism will color even the well-intentioned transformation of
>a child--for its ``own good''--from an unscripted surprise into someone's
>artifice or project.

By golly, George Will is absolutely right, and has opened my eyes! Urgent
steps must be taken to mandate the seizure of each infant at birth,
followed by his or her immediate allocation by random lottery to one of the
available parents or custodians throughout the land, or better yet the
globe. The child's schooling must be subject to the same random assignment.
It is grotesque and unconscionable that parents should seek in any way, in
their hubris and narcissism, to transform a child--for his or her `own
good'--from an unscripted surprise.

Damien Broderick

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