Re: Extro IT Techies list?

From: Gerhard Haak (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 17:47:24 MST

Samantha Atkins wrote:

> >
> > If it were to be done, it's probably better to leave most of
> > out. Just spread the futurist ideas, the science, the information, and
> > optimism. Once people take that on board, the rest follows pretty much
> > automatically.
> >
> Well if you have all of that in, what are you leaving out?

Exactly - doesn't the above embody the majority of the Extropian ideals

I'm under the impression that Extropianism is being seen by those who have
only a cursory exposure to it (in particular via the media) as an extreme,
New Age type of futurism - whereas its nothing of the sort.

The Extropian Principles are pretty good principles to live by - I wasn't
too happy with earlier versions, but V 3.0 stacks up pretty well. Hell, the
way the principles keep changing and, I daresay, improving is a perfect
example of the Extropian ideals at work.

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