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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 17:10:54 MST

Max More wrote:
> AOf
> >course there have been many setbacks where I and the other unwashed
> >techno-hippies produced tons of kewl stuff back at the beginning of
> >computer time that has been ignored by the 3-piece suit hordes and by
> >the Great Traitorous Satan up in Redmond except to rip off the most
> >obvious parts and greatly mangle them. But Open Source is gaining
> >ground rapidly. Soon the goodness of open source and open information
> >generally will topple the reactionary forces that insist on limiting the
> >effectiveness of the Revolution. :-)
> I don't share your intense hatred of all things Microsoft. Far from it. But
> if you feel that way, I have to tell you that you really will enjoy the
> movie Antitrust. Tim Robbins plays an evil CEO extremely obviously modeled
> on Bill, and the heroes talk a lot about open source.

Uh, Max, I did put a smiley after it. I was speaking more than a bit
tongue in cheek while still saying some serious things. I don't have an
intense hatred for Microsoft. I have tons of respect for part of what
MS did like bringing computing to the masses and seeing the desktop
revolution. I do think it is utterly despicable that they care more
for taking over the entire software enterprise than providing top flight
tools, interoperability and so on. They have hired up some of the best
software brains on this planet. And they sit on them and do not use
what those brains have produced and are capable of producing. I have no
respect for their extremely unfriendly treatement of customers and
developers. No respect for the pirating of competitors products and
talent. No respect for their efforts to undermine major standards which
are the backbone of the Internet. And I have very little respect for NT
or NT5 which to this day cannot (without special case-ing some machines
and buying yet more product) handle even a simple login gracefully from
an external user. What they did with Active Directory and what it does
to heterogeneous networks that don't want MS to take over all directory
functions is pretty smelley. The list could be strung out for a long
time. But I don't intensely hate them enough to think Gates is Satan or
some such. I do distrust and despise them enough to not use Windows
boxen except when I really have to. It is a protest against the BS of
MS. They deserve it.

- samantha

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