Re: Toothpaste was GUNS: Re: Self Defense

From: John Marlow (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 16:39:32 MST

I remember these guys. Bizarre. Then there are these cases where
twins who never knew each other marry women with the same name, on
the same day, name their kids and pets the same, drive the same cars,


Where does one draw the line and say no, these choices are either
largely genetically determined or there's some ooga-booga factor at


On 21 Jan 2001, at 16:39, John Clark wrote:

> Wrote:
> > Is there a Luddite gene?
> Wrote:
> > No.
> I wonder. There is a well documented case of two American identical twins
> separated at birth and raised in far distant states yet as adults they both
> went to a great deal of trouble to seek out the same rare imported toothpaste
> >from Denmark. True, one example proves nothing but you have to admit it's weird.
> John K Clark

John Marlow

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