new puzzle

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 12:35:53 MST

A new one for you puzzle fans: All 8 clues refer to
the same item:

1) This item is an invention that did more to immortalize
the name of the inventor than any other invention I can
think of, for he named it after himself.

2) The inventor is long dead, natural causes.

3) Many people have used this item, some do so on
a regular basis.

4) If shown this item, nearly everyone knows its name, whether
they have ever used one or not. Every single person reading this
list could correctly name the item within two seconds of seeing
one. There is no alternate name for this item (that I know of.)

5) The inventor is not American.

6) The item is well known all over the world, better known in
some places than others I suppose.

7) The name is not a brand name: all brands of this item
are still called by one name. (So I am not talking about a
Colt .45 for instance, as this would violate number 4.)

8) Altho this item has been around for some time, it
has changed little since it was invented. Those who use
this item today could use the first one without much
adjustment or difficulty.

Please Greg Burch, if you know the answer dont
post it yet. Give the others a chance. spike

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