Re: Programming project required

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 05:23:35 MST

From: Russell Whitaker (, Fri Jan 19 2001

> >I envy you taking up your first language, if it is
> >indeed your first. I've worked in about a half dozen
> >languages, and would now argue against Perl.

> > Consider PostgreSQL instead of MySQL (unless you don't
> > find the lack of transactions in MySQL a hindrance).

The programmers coming out of the woodwork talking about their
favorite topic....

Perl isn't so bad, Russell. It's a reasonable workhorse for
scientists like me. I don't have time to continually learn new
programming languages (I already confuse the syntax of the ones
that I know).

For non-purist, old-fashioned scientist types like me: Perl + DBI + an
SQL db like Oracle or Sybase is a powerful combination for database
and Web interaction. I think that DBI is enough reason to go with
Perl. It's a wonderfully, solid and supported library.

And Perl comes in handy for alot of other data processing as well,
but then I am a data monkey.

just my 4 Pfennig,



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