Re: trends in brain imaging

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 22:07:50 MST

Spike wrote:
> > mez wrote: it seems somewhat ironic to me, but the first people to
> > receive advanced neural interfaces seem quite likely to be handicapped
> > people.... otherwise healthy people will be
> > largely unwilling (and perhaps not permitted) to pass.
> Wow great point.
> I agree that there may be legal barriers thrown in the path
> of those who would get neural implants, and perhaps difficulty
> in finding doctors to do the operation. So how do I argue
> that I am in fact handicapped, altho I appear healthy? spike

I know, drill a hole in your head! Then, you can argue being handicapped
either mentally (insane, thus in need of neural correction) or because you
now have a hole in your head (and need neurosurgery, most likely).

Not only will this get you past the gatekeepers, but the DIY aspect of
having already gotten through the skull might save you some money, too!

I gotta stop blabbing these good ideas on public lists...

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