Re: trends in brain imaging

From: Jim Fehlinger (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 14:50:25 MST

mez wrote:
> Is there a trend similar to Moore's Law in brain scanning devices?

Well "brain scanning" is one of the things Ray Kurzweil mentions
in his standard lecture about exponentially growing technologies.
He mentioned it at the PC Expo talk I saw him give in New York
last summer, at that Spiritual Robots seminar at Stanford
hosted by Douglas Hofstadter -- see
and in a recent article in an on-line magazine called "Business 2.0" at

A quote from the magazine article:

"There are comparable exponential trends underlying a wide
variety of other technologies. Communication speeds, both
wired and wireless, are doubling every 12 months (this is,
again, a double exponential trend because it was only doubling
every 36 months two decades ago). Brain scanning speeds are
doubling every 26 months and brain scanning resolution (per
unit volume) is doubling every 12 months."

I have not seen a more detailed analysis from him supporting
this claim, however.

Jim F.

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