Re: Programming project required

From: Gerhard Haak (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 06:07:35 MST

James Rogers wrote:

> Forget ASP, Java will be more employable, both now and *especially* in the
> future. I don't know of anyone migrating from Java to ASP, but I know of
> several going the other way. That and most new development seems to be
> done in Java for the most part.
> SQL Server was never a big player. Learn Oracle and you'll be employed
> forever. Oracle Server is one of those few ubiquitous enterprise products
> that I actually feel comfortable predicting most businesses will
> still be using in 5 years.
> IIS? Well, I've seen the Netcraft results, and every shop I know that is
> currently using it is either in the middle of a migration or planning one
> to Apache. Hell, I know of shops that use Apache on Windows NT for
> production systems...
> If I was going to recommend environment skills for someone looking
> strictly for marketability I would have to strongly recommend
> Java/Apache/Oracle. This will allow you to hit the biggest market segment
> with most staying power. For better or worse, this is where the market is
> at and where it will be going, at least for the next few years.
> (Thankfully -- I've used ASP/IIS/SQLServer on projects and it makes me
> to hurl. Oracle and Java have their problems, but they are a good bit
> better than the MS solution in this case.)

This is perhaps true in the US. Here in New Zealand (and probably in
Australia too, which is where Emlyn appears to be from, judging from her
email address) MS has an inordinately large share of the market. I think
this is partly due to the fact that NZ and AUS companies are much smaller
than US companies and consequently don't need the scalability offered by
Oracle, Sun etc. Piracy is perhaps also more prevalent here (though I have
no figures on this).

I've typically found strong management resistance to non-MS solutions,
though this is reducing - after all, what management team can argue with
freely available open-source office suites, web-servers, and databases!

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