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Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 00:41:25 MST

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001 00:42:15 -0600 Barbara Lamar <> wrote:
>There seem to be quite a few experts on this list, so I'm taking the
>liberty of asking for advice about a web page that seems to be causing
>people's systems to crash when they access it. I've never before heard of
>this happening, and I'm baffled.

When you look at the HTML that word generates you will notice that it does things in a very strange way.

Where I work I have had issues with pages created from word documents crashing netscape browsers, and older versions of any browser.

Many older browsers do not handle the font styles that word likes to use.

My first recommendation use a non microsoft html editor (both frontpage, and any office product do things in a very complex way) My favorite is Homesite, I also use notepad and I am still a Windows flunky.

Second, code straight HTML from the 4.0 standards (you can find the standards at and just copy and paste the text from word rather than save it as n HTML document. Another Strange thing that I have noticed about Word conversion when veiwed in a netscape browser 4.0 and lower is that Word does not alway close tags in the revers order that it creates them and Netscape gets confused resulting in ugly web pages.

example: "<b><u> random junk </b></U>more random junk" would often result in the rest of the Web page appearing in bold, underline, or both. THis issue was resolved by re-writing the HTML to " <b><u> random junk </u></b>more random junk, closing the tags in the reverse order that they were created.

btw, your web page did not crash my browser

John Calvin

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