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Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 21:38:30 MST

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>The eleven questions are:
>* What is dark matter?
>* What are the masses of the neutrinos
>and how have they shaped the evolution of the universe?
>* Are there additional spacetime dimensions?
>* What is the nature of the dark energy?
>* Are protons unstable?
>* How did the Universe begin?
>* Did Einstein have the last word on gravity?
>* How do cosmic accelerators work and what are they accelerating?
>* Are there new states of matter at exceedingly high density and
>* Is a new theory of matter and light needed at the highest energies?
>* How were the elements from iron and uranium made?

Here are two more they should ask - can anyone think of more?
* Why does time have a direction when, except for minor exceptions,
microscopic events are time-symetric.
* What came before the big bang? Or, either something popped out of nothing
or there is no beginning, which is it? (I vote for the second one - it's
easy to imagine the universe existing forever in the future, so if time is
symmetrical, the same should be true in the past. Just like there's always
going to be a tommorow, there's always been a yesterday.)

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