Re: Cyborgia

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 19:45:41 MST wrote:
> Has anyone any ideas as to when it will be possible to "plug in play" human
> organs, limbs etc?
> My understanding is that artificial hearts have been developed
> significantly.....I beleive that one of the Jarvis models is or has been used
> as a "standby" for certain patients until a transplant was available....
> What about other organs?
> And more specifically to my long before the artificials
> become better than the originals?

I'm actually trying to work out how this could be done as a business,
drawing up a business plan to shop to investors. Not sure if I'll
actually go through with it (there are other opportunities coming up),
but I'd be glad to share the (very very rough) draft plan with anyone
here who wants. Or maybe I could post it here: it's a < 20K HTML doc.
Does this list support attachments?

(Alright, I now have official reason to get my own Web server and
domain running. It'll take a few months to get my ISP to process
things, though...)

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