Re: Global "Flood" (kinda)

Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 16:47:51 MST

In a message dated 1/19/2001 10:38:37 AM Central Standard Time,

> What do you use for email? One of those wireless PDAs? I'll bet you find
> plenty of areas with no service?
> Stay hungry,

Actually my method is less sophisticated.

America Online has an 800 number. Almost all truckstop resturants have table
telephones. Many of these telephones in recent years also have "data
jacks"....many of the rest of them are easily disconnected from the wall.

My method is to plug into the table phones....I carry a laptop.

Crude....but it serves for email....and gives me something to do while I eat

Texarkana Tx.

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