From: EvMick@aol.com
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 16:47:53 MST

Consider the WheelChair. Except for the materials from which it is made how
different is it than one of a hundred years ago?

The American with Disabilities Act mandated a zillion bux to be spent doing
such things as.......making "cuts" in curbs, widening doors,etc...so that
places would be "wheelchair accessible". A laudable goal but misguided. Why
not spend that money ...or more likely a tiny fraction of it....and develop a
walking wheelchair?

A cockroach can walk....how hard can it BE?

That was "tounge in cheek"....I KNOW that walking is hard. I've read that
developing an autonomous robot at SAIL is a real struggle...and being able to
navigate across a room is one of the stumbling blocks....

Ooops....no pun intended...

But Seriously....what with CPU power advancing by leaps and
bounds.......er....I mean advancing a LOT....is it possible now or soon to
have a walking chair? Possibly controlled by a joystick.

Such a contrivance wouldn't be much...but I think it'd be better than the
current contraptions. Curbs, for example, wouldnt be an obstacle...

Just a thought...

Weatherford Tx.

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