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Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 09:20:01 MST

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> My first comment is that this is a damm fine post. You may wish to
> join us at for the ones that aren't so
> fine. ;)

Thank you....maybe I can do that one day..

> My problem would be in the non-reloadable feature for one, it would
> seem that having used it once you would have to replace it or risk
> being short rounds if you run into multiple attackers. Or have to
> carry multiple launchers.

Playing Devil's Advocate here:

I think the non-reloadable feature has some positive aspects. One being to
decrease production costs. Strictly speculating might it be possible to
construct a "super glock" using injection techniques? Thus such a weapon
would be a "throw-away".....use once and discard. I dunno whether it would
be a single shot or not. I doubt it...

I think also that being a throwaway might make it easier to design it as
tamperproof....making it harder to disable the "identifiers" (dye...or as
Charlie LCD camera)
> Unless you're sure you've neutralized all potential attackers, you
> might not want to wait around for police would be another.
> I'm assuming it would be recycled.
> And of course the Anti's would never permit 3.
Unfortunately this assumed that the Police were "good guys"...actually having
the welfare of the citzenry in mind.

It appears that this concept has problems....I wonder if they are soluable?

Hope Ark.

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