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Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 06:40:16 MST writes:

> I dunno if the above is true or not...(I have no internet connection any
> longer....just I can't check it out) .it certainly sounds
> feasible to me.

Yes, methane clathrates are real and are being studied both in climate
and as energy sources. See for instance
> If it IS correct...and if a huge amount of methane is suddenly released into
> the atmosphere.....then presumeably there would REALLY be some global
> warming.

I liked Mother of Storms precisely because this quite logical chain of
meterological reasoning (otherwise, far too much sex and violence but
satisfactory amounts of singularity :-) However, I'm not certain his
whole extrapolation holds - if just one part of the chain (like the
size increase of the hurricane spawing zones) doesn't hold the rest
doesn't happen, which I guess is a boring but likely guess.

There have likely been some pretty bad events in the past, like
seaslide-induced tsunamis (one apparently drenched parts of Scotland a
few thousand years ago and another hit northern Australia with a
100-meter wave) and perhaps also superstorms. They might not have
caused mass extinctions but locally they were definitely deadly.

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