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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 14:43:33 MST

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:56:50 +0930
From: "Emlyn" <>
Subject: Re: That (not so) idiot Darwin

> But the goal of the magus is to "equilibrate their personality" in order
to "direct the forces of nature." Magick is perhaps as close to science
to > religion > and *does* have a contribution to make ..
>the scientist ignores the > development
> of their own personality, whereas the religious person only bothers with
> this, and leaves direction of the forces of nature to God.
>Magick combines both.

That sounds like gobbledegook. How? To what end?


I am saying is that the psychological dimension (ethical
discussion if you like) is missing from the scientific training.
The religious person does not want to "meddle" with nature by
their instinct, because they think everything is pre-ordained
in some divine plan, and that higher intelligences than ours are
extant. Science can tend to be overoptimistic and gung-ho.

Forget the historical associations ... modern 'magic' is not
necessarily supernaturalist or even ceremonial. The NLP
approach is about *magical* trance-formation. But personal
growth/ psychological development should be integral to
scientific training ... and religious (supernaturalist) claims
should be rigorously challenged at every opportunity, and not
given credibility or taught in schools as fact.

Not everyone is driven enough to want to influence the
course of nature or social events &c., but I have found
magickal training and discipline one useful factor in my
personal progress to being post-human.' We should have
at least some knowledge of the arcane and hidden tradition
of knowledge for the sake of fuller information. My aims as
a bodhisattva, magus and post-human fortunately coincide.

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