Re: Can Cryopreservation Solve "The Abortion Problem"? by Thomas Gramstad

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Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 08:36:26 MST

On Thursday, January 18, 2001 1:01 AM Russell Whitaker wrote:
> Interesting to pose alternatives that challenge the usual
> choices offered. Another "3rd path" treatment of this
> issue, in fiction, is Vic Koman's *Solomon's Knife*:
> ""

I've heard of the book, but have not read it. (I also heard of his other
book, _The Jehovah Contract_, but have not read it.) I'm not sure if
Gramstad was directly influenced by it in his article on the topic.

> Just for the record, by the way, I'm staunchly in favor
> of individual reproductive rights. I think abortion is
> a Good Thing.

I am too, but let's NOT start an abortion rights thread here.:) I only
brought up the issue of cryopreservation as a way to both market cryonics
outside the usual cryonics community and to defuse a social debate in
America. (I'm not claiming originality here either.)

Gramstad is treating the problem more as an exercise in applied
philosophy -- dare I use the word!?! -- I believe. At least, that seems to
be the meaning of his statement that he's "only interested in exploring
where the premise of a functional cryopreservation technology might lead to,
in the context of abortion." (See Not that _you_ don't get
this. I'm just trying to defuse a bad thread before it starts.:)


Daniel Ust

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