Personal energy tech - Re: Now the Bay Area rolling blackouts begin...

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 18:44:16 MST

>First off I'd recommend AGAINST's too dangerous and too
>expensive. I'd say go with Diesel.

Hi EvMick,

Gasoline has a different application: short term "tide me over"
powering of critical household components. You can get a $500
generator at any Costco.

Diesel generators are a different niche. They're expensive.
I know, I'm part owner of a 25Kw rebuilt British-made Alaska pipeline
refurb. Cost us partners about US $6,000.

>About a year ago I put an "auxilliary power unit" on my truck. [SNIP]

Sounds like something I'd do. Most people here wouldn't, I'd
bet. ;)

>My preference for diesel is that it's safer...(the fuel is much less

Store gasonline properly in the right containers, circulate and
replace occasionally.

>and it's MUCH more economical (to use) than gasoline....and if a
>small diesel engine follows the example of it's big brothers it will
>a gasoline engine by orders of magnitude...

This economics does not apply for the occasional residential
emergency user in a place like the Bay area.

Agreed that diesel itself is cheaper, especially in the
non-automotive ("dyed") version... not taxed.


>W. Memphis Ark.


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