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From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 16:47:18 MST

>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
>proceed to exi-freedom where you can talk about what you would do if you
>belonged to an uncensored mail list.

I believe that Greg and E. Shawn (as well as frequent
poster Harvey) have recently expressed
that the Extropians mailing list is not censored. There are no
forbidden topics. We should simply exercise courtesy and avoid

Also use server-side and client-side filters where necessary.
See my post on setting up Procmail rules for your shell account
(where appropriate). I've been inspired to write a Python
library to more easily manage Procmail rulesets, which I'll
be releasing sometime Real Soon Now (investigating setting up
on SourceForge). I'll include a drop-in CGI library to
call that functionality with a web page.

I like to mention firearms here every now and then to remind
extropians to take some concrete measures to help ensure
their survival, in the spirit of point #4 ("Empower Yourself")
of Romana Machado's
"Five Things You Can Do To Fight Entropy Now":

Romana had once mentioned to me that she was going to
extend her essay into a book and elaborate on the
self-defense issue, but she hasn't gotten around to it.

That having been said, firearms aren't the only thing I'm
interested in. I have more than that to contribute to the
list, which I why I make it a point to maintain an X:1 ratio
of non-gun:gun posts on this list (X being a variable >2 whose
value I'm trying to assign... not sure yet. ;)).

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