Re: Stewart Brand's The Clock of the Long Now

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 12:10:45 MST

Heck, I'd rather have a humongous digital clock on the surface of the
moon, run off of solar power, where each pixel is made up of a couple
hundred solar panels on pivots that can flip from dark to light sides.
Clock readout would be:

000:000 Age/Eon
000:000 Year/day
00:00:00 hour/minute/second

measuring the direction and height of the moon with a compass and simple
sextant, one can easily determine one's exact position on earth (with a
reference table, of course). So even if we transcend or civilization
collapses, new civilizations will easily make the jump to being able to
navigate around the world (though there may be religious movements
against lunar expeditions ("Don't tread on GOD's Clock")...)

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