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Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 11:56:08 MST

From: "Spike Jones" <>
> The lefty press cannot bring themselves to admit the real culprit:
> policies have led to voters demanding that no new plants are built.

Yes, that is the crux of the matter, the core of the issue, the deciding
factor, and the fact that Mike Lorrey has expounded at length here.

> The
> same voters wish for Sacramento to pass laws that power keep coming
> in at artificially low prices, with no additional air pollution, with
> unlimited
> supply. In response, our so-called governor gave a state of the state
> address in which he proposed making it a *crime* for power generation
> facilities to withhold power for economic reasons, and even went so far
> as to propose legally seizing power plants. Perhaps we should call this
> place Kalifornia.

Calling it Kalifornia seems appropriate, given the Marxist cockamamie
contradictions involved.

> Nowthen, those of you who live outside Taxifornia, prepare yourselves
> for a treat. This will be a real hoot, trust me. Public policy is
> to make this current fiasco so much worse that a mere debacle will
> very soon develop into a morass from which extrication is impossible.

I can't wait.

> Take for instance the electric car business. The state *mandated*
> that car dealers make 10% of their fleet "zero emission." (Hybrid
> cars do not qualify.) Now where is all that power to come from?
> What about all those electric cars? Who pays for those? The
> taxpayers? Will they now be half the price of a comparable
> gasoline car? 1/3? If so, I want one. Furthermore, since I
> must pay anyway, I want the taxpayer to subsidize my power
> bill.

Ah yes. You've delivered on your promise. This will provide a debacle.

> By the way, if the Taxifornia taxpayer is essentially picking
> up the bill for the power, what if I am off-grid? Do I still
> hafta pay my taxes?

Not difficult to answer that. They may even decide to make taxes higher
for people who generate their own power. Rationale? They can afford it.

Stay hungry,

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