Velikovsky's was an imbecile

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 11:06:10 MST

John Marlow <> Wrote:

> Well, saying nothing of Velikovsky's theories myself

Ok, then I'll say something about Velikovsky, he was an idiot. The idea that Jupiter
spat out a comet that then came near the earth and then caused the Red Sea to part
and then went into a circular orbit around the sun and then became the planet Venus
is too stupid for words. Mr. Marlow I must tell you, for or me and I think many members
of this list your credibility just dropped about 85%.

> I HAVE read that Einstein had told Velikovsky that if Jupiter was indeed
> found to be emitting radio waves, he would reconsider V's theories


>and that Albert Einstein died with one of Velikovsky's books open on his desk.

No, I'll bet it was a book of more intellectual weight, like "Where's Waldo?", or perhaps
a pop up book.

            John K Clark

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