Re: (fwd) Signs of the Times

Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 18:32:42 MST

Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
> Well, I don't accept that its impossible to
> reform our government by force of arms, and
> having studied a bit of military history, for
> a number of years, I stick by that statement.
> However that has nothing to do with the
> assertion that a government is a corporation
> of a non-profit association type.

Ideally, governments would in fact be non-profit corporations.

In practice, they often tend to be for-profit corporations masquerading as
non-profit ones. [Most well-positioned bureaucrats receive fat 'dividends'.]

Also, I think it doesn't matter whether you call a government a corporation
or not. It might qualify under some criteria, it might not qualify under
others. In the end, you find that:
  - The world is too complex to fit into neat little categories unless they
are very very well defined. What is a 'corporation'?
  - The whole dilemma is rather inconsequential. A cat remains a cat, no
matter how you call it.



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