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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 13:50:49 MST

Hi ...

I received a note today in email from the research director at
Starlab. It seems that they are expanding a bit... They
are opening up a lab in Barcelona, Spain next month.

The person in email said they they "are going to be engaged in
Earth Observation, Computational Neuroscience, Traffic modeling, AI,
Neurology, ...We are a private fundamental research company."

I vaguely recall a conversation here, where some discussed
Starlab, but I don't recall the conclusion. Comments of some who
know more about this company? It looks really interesting (wish
they did some astronomy though ...).

BTW, their signature says the following :


        STARLAB. Scientific entrepreneurs

      -A Place where 100 years means nothing-

   Starlab is a private, blue-sky research laboratory
   with campuses in Brussels and Barcelona that creates
   value through Intellectual property and spin off

   It is unique in the choice of its charter, the
   cross-fertilization between Bits, Atoms, Neurons
   and Genes (BANG) and timeframe (the deep future (R)).

   It is the home and playground of eighty original
   scientists of 28 nationalities who believe in the
   importance of multidisciplinary research in order
   to make real quantum leaps.


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