Re: more on Brand and the Singularity idea

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 08:17:36 MST

From: Charlie Stross <>

>> wrote:
>>> Let me add to this: the unbounded techno-optimism is out of
>>>step with
>> Unbounded? Where?

>In the extropian principles.
Odd, I just did a text search of the principals and "unbounded" was
not found.
>Count me out, too.

>I'm not advocating going back to the stone age. I'm not even
>advocating a slow-down in research, or trying to prevent people
>inventing and selling whizzy applications of new technologies.

>I'm just saying that new technologies have side-effects, sometimes
>disastrous ones, and insisting that their deployment is *always*
>beneficial isn't going to fool anyone (and is going to make us
>look like idiots).

I was unaware anyone was advocating this.
>> You will notice that there is no consensus on the issue.

>On the contrary -- there is a consensus that we oughtn't to wipe
>ourselves out. (I think you'd find very few people seriously
>disagree with that statement, and most of them aren't in a
>position to act on their ideas. Luckily :)

There is a consensus amongst the general public that astrology is
a pretty neat idea.

>So, your question for $64K: why is Extropianism so overtly
>associated with unmitigated optimism that it's seen as a joke in
>some circles?

Because people in general are not optimistic? Because we are
continually being misquoted/misunderstood?

We advocate a rationaly based technological advancement of the
species. If we had waited till everyone was satisfied with every
possible contingency, we would still be swinging from the trees.


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