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From: Joe Dees (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 18:18:05 MST

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Don't EVEN fucking claim that you want this dogshit to be posted on exi-freedom and then turn around and immeduiately post it here, you goddamned fucking hypocritical liar!
>> In a message dated 1/12/01 5:24:24 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>> writes:<< If you are only interested in home defense
>> then you could easily use a pump action shotgun with frangible slugs or
>> buckshot, or a heavy caliber pistol with frangible bullets. >>
>> Mike,
>> I'm not sure if we are on the same page of the song book in reading your
>> statement above. If we are planning to defend our home against urban unrest
>> then I can easily understand your recommendation.
>> If we are planning for the night another member of our family calls on us
>> for help from another room within our house then by all means I want a
>> pistol. It is just too awkward taking a long gun through a doorway or
>> through any congested area.
>> On the other hand maybe someone knows a technique I don't know. When I
>> searched buildings for a living those of us with pistols would take the lead,
>> especially through doorways and other congested areas and have the guy with
>> the riot gun bring up the rear.
>A pump action shotgun cut down to the NFA legal limit is quite usable
>indoors, and according to at least some, double ought buckshot is
>ballistically superior to any pistol caliber. That being said, I prefer
>frangible bullets for the fact that buckshot isn't very useful in a
>hostage situation.
>In my experience, urban unrest at least at the gang or spree shooter
>level has been the type I've seen the most of in terms of people I've
>known victimized by violent crime. Moreover, a nasty looking shotgun or
>a big fat revolver does have a greater intimidation factor than a small

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