Re: SOC/ECON/LAW: Richard Pipes' "Property and Freedom"

Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 13:51:19 MST

I am guessing that laser technology is a 'pushable' science. In other words, depending on how much we spend, and how many technicians we apply to the technology, we can achieve a decent defense against missles. Is it worth doing so, or is it better to pursue negotiation? It depends on who one has to face.
The technical benefits for developing land-based or airborne lasers is that it will likely, lead to rapid electrolysis of water into hydrogen, as well as fuel cell and super-capacitors.

<<I beg to disagree. Destroying a missile in the boost phase (while it
still has fuel and the warhead/decoys are still in one piece) with
a directed energy weapon is no small picknick. Missiles are cheap,
airborne lasers are not.>>

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