Re: BIO/SOC: ANDi Backlash begins

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 08:55:40 MST

In my opposition research, I've found several good sources that I
suggest that anyone else interested in formulating responses to these
people check out: the magazine 'Earth Island Journal', which is full of
such scare mongering, as well as a Sierra Club propaganda piece called
"Made, Not Born" which is an anthology of many propagandists including
some of our buddies from the Turning Point Project.

Their idea of a 'reasoned response' is much like Joe Dees' idea, though
generally less vituperant. wrote:
> This from an article in From The Irish Independent,
> on the first primate synthetic
> gene:
> > However, Dr David King, co-ordinator of the Campaign Against Human Genetic
> > Engineering, said: "This is yet another step on the slippery slope to
> > designer babies. People should wake up to the fact that genetic engineering
> > of people could be just around the corner.
> >
> > "We need a global ban on human genetic engineering, and research directed
> > towards it should not be funded."

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