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From: Gina Miller (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 22:52:29 MST

I have played inside of the palace, which also runs inside of virtual
mansions that contain rooms, and visitors can dress up in avatars. Had a
nanoroom in there, but no
one came to visit. (sniffle)

Brian wrote:
> hi Everyone,
> Yeah I saw some of that movie (Existenz), it actually brought back some
> memories of "The 13th Floor" for me, another pretty good movie. Speaking
> VR technology, I was wondering if you have ever heard of Activeworlds. It
> a standalone browser (runs on top of ISP connection) that allows you to
> interact in 3D worlds with other users' avatars and actually BUILD pretty
> much whatever you want using objects in the worlds. There are over 700
> different worlds to explore, and the largest one is 4.4% larger than the
> state of California, virtually speaking! It is the first interactve VR
> program that I have seen that allows this in such an easy to use
> It is totally integrated to the web and has text chat inside it and many
> other features. Plus it is FREE to try out and only 20 bucks a year for
> "citizenship". I have been trying to get as many people as I know into it
> because it is so easy to use (especially since system requirements are
> low to run it), and because it is WAY more fun than text chat and email.
> Anyways, I thought you would all be very interested in it because it
> puts the "space" in cyberspace!
> Check it out here:
> and my personal Activeworlds website:
> Peace! - Brian

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