Re: Nan Madol

Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 12:34:59 MST

Dave Sill <> said:
> > Raise your hand if you've heard of Nan Madol before. Maybe I've just been
> > under a rock...
> Not a single response. Hmm. OK, maybe I *have* been under a rock and
> everyone's just too polite to point that out. Yeah, right. :-)
> Or maybe nobody here cares about archaeology. We're more future oriented
> than past oriented, right? Well, yeah, but we're smart enough to realize
> that the past has valuable lessons.

I find archaeology very interesting. I just don't read all the messages in
this list. Yes, I have seen a couple of TV shows regarding Nan Madol, many
years ago. It just goes to show you what a large group of people, even a
group of very primitive people, can do when motivated and working together
(That's another dig at the ability of the free market to make us immortal as
compared to the abilities of a very large, unified and motivated group...yes,
you CAN learn from the past....).

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