Re: what is IT?

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 07:42:33 MST

>> scerir wrote:
>> Kamen's invention: what's that?

> 'gene wrote:
> The only thing amazing me how readily everybody fulfilled the IT
> vapourbubble creator's expectations, and burn their synapse ATP
> (a scarce resource) in an attempt to figure out what IT is, and
> for free at that. I think I have a piece of real estate I might
> want to sell you...
> Disgustedly yours,
> 'gene

Yeah. Italians are speculating so much about "IT". As you can see.

That's because we read that "IT" is the best mouse-trap ever built by
a human. A digital mouse-trap which will change the world and our life.
"IT" will cost around $2000 and it will recycle the traped mice to *pasta*.

Next Kamen's invention:
Anti-virus travelling freely through the web,
eating viruses. Not a stupid one. My 2 cents.

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