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Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 01:53:49 MST

Gina, in case you don't know this, in many circles, it's customary to
announce that one is going to spoil plot points or endings and to
provide "scroll space" before revealing any such. To illustrate, I've
reformatted your post to approximate this.

Yes, I saw it. I thought it was funny and that it deserved at least some
more commercial success than it got. Cronenberg (the director) continues
to put out quirky films. Good for him.

Gina Miller wrote:
> Did anyone else see existanz? I saw it on the movie channel (free preview of
> course) tonight.
> It was about a game designer chick and this guy, who plug
> these umbilical cord like looking things into a 'bio-port' in their back,
> (makes me think of the Matrix) this hooks into this synthetic dna pod which
> looks like a bunch of skin in a little bag. This takes them to a game
> environment with characters and you never quite know where the end of the
> game is and reality begins.

<spoiler space, skip to next message or read on>

> In the beginning, everyone is hunting the chick
> for being the game designer, wanting to kill her, but in the end it is her
> and her cohort that kill what appears to be the real designer of the game
> they were in all along. (they are using what looks like vr headgear and hand
> gloves instead of the pods at this point) Then this guy, who was a character
> through out, goes "don't shoot me, hey are we still in the game?" The end. I
> like this concept, considering I'm into simulation games (Riven etc.) for
> the mere fact that it's as close as we can get to the other worldly
> experience and I look forward to when vr games takes to confusing my
> consciousness.
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